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Configuring Pega's Calendar Gadget

Configuring Pega's Calendar Gadget

The Pega 7 platform features a calendar gadget (PegaGadget-CalendarView) which provides Outlook-like overview of events. Though somewhat limited this gadget could be useful as a starting prototype during DCO sessions or even an initial implementation. Let´s show how to configure this specific gadget in PRPC.

The Calendar Gadget can source its data mapping from both a List View as a custom Activity. The former mode is similar to a Report Definition rule, albeit more technical. The latter mode is flexible enough to show virtually any information as event on the calendar; not just meetings or corporate closed dates. Here are the steps to setup a calendar view:

  1. Navigate to the Section rule called pyCMEvents7 in the Data-Portal class.
  2. Open the Cell Properties dialog of the Section include inside the second Dynamic Layout.
  3. Choose a name as will be shown on you Case Worker/Manager portal page.
  4. Reference a Declare Index class containing your exposed event properties.
  5. Set the default colors for Primary (with time) and Secondary (all day) events
  6. In Data Mapping, select List View and its name and point to the Source Page and relevant properties.
  7. Submit this configuration and make sure you´ve included this gadget on the portal.

Note: It is possible to have multiple Calendar Definitions, although the gadget will only show one at a time depending on the calendar selection in the pull-down menu. [Edgar] (11/28/2016 3:15:43 PM)


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Edgar is a software engineer with experience in TIBCO Middleware and Pega Case Managemement. He holds a master's degree in Computer Science with a specialization in Data Visualization & Computer Graphics.

In his spare time Edgar reads SOS and Empire, mixes house music, blogs and writes film reviews or goes running.

Currently employed by SynTouch he is specifically looking for a PRPC project. Feel free to contact him for challenging assignments through LinkedIn.